PRIVACY POLICY (Last Updated: Monday, August 7, 17)



Who is Chatter Chamber?


Chatter Chamber is a not for profit socially inspired project based in the UK. To contact Chatter Chamber, please email


What is this Privacy Policy?


This “Privacy Policy” governs the manner in which Chatter Chamber, the (“service”), collects, uses, maintains and discloses all information collected from users (each, a “User”) on all Chatter Chamber digital platforms, including and  This privacy policy applies to the Service as well as all products and services offered by Chatter Chamber.


Privacy Policy Overview


Chatter Chamber (the “service”), invites you (the “user”) to voluntarily submit personal information in a questionnaire format to be considered as an “entrant” for inclusion in a particular “event” (a social event arranged in a given physical location, likely in the form of a meal).  Each event has a corresponding questionnaire.  Details of the type of event are outlined in each questionnaire concerned.  According to how other “entrants” (a person who fills in the questionnaire to be considered for a particular event) answers their questionnaires, a combination of entrants will be selected - through automation - to attend an event.  Consequently, you may or not be an entrant who is selected for a meal.  Selections are made by choosing a combination of entrants that have the most equal  amount of“difference” between them, compared to any other entrant combination of similar number size. Consequently, Chatter Chamber uses an automated and mathematical “selection process” to select people with the most differing views and circumstance, according to the answers you “the user” and other “entrants” willing give, in a questionnaire format.


Chatter Chamber’s questionnaires (“questionnaires”) are hosted by TYPEFORM,SL ("TYPEFORM"),(Bac de Roda 163, Barcelona), and are embedded in all of Chatter Chamber’s digital platforms, including and  Chatter Chamber owns all data collected in the questionnaires hosted by TYPEFORM, see their website for more info.


When you fill out a questionnaire, by explicitly clicking "I accept” to Chatter Chamber's Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions, it is understood that you agree for your information to be processed in this “selection process”, and that you agree and consent to this privacy policy and that you also agree to Chatter Chamber's Terms and Conditions - found here.  Furthermore, by filling in a questionnaire, hosted by Typeform, it is understood you also agree to Typeform's Privacy Policy (found here) and Typeform's Terms and Conditions (found here).


Key information concerning Typeform, SL.'s rights and conditions are referenced within this Privacy Policy, however this should not act as substitute to Typeform, SL.'s full privacy policy or terms and condition.  You are advised to look at, and or contact them directly for further details.  Typeform, SL.'s ("TYPEFORM") privacy policy is found here, their terms and conditions is found here, and how they store your data (on behalf of Chatter Chamber) is found here.



How will you use my information provided in the questionnaire?


Chatter Chamber values your privacy and will not publicly identify you with any information (“data”) you provide; neither will it sell your data to any third parties.  All answers will remain anonymous.


Chatter Chamber will only use the information you provide to:


  • Consider your selection for a social event/meal
  • Inform whether you have been selected and arrange accordingly
  • Aggregate or anonymize your information, so that neither your nor other individuals can be linked to it, for research, analytic or artistic purposes


Providing additional consent, acknowledge in the questionnaire, Chatter Chamber will also:


  • Use your contact information to update you on its activities and developments


In addition, "on certain occasions, Typeform [the questionnaire host] may be required to access your data in order to perform troubleshooting but we will never use your data for any other reason."  (retrieved 8/8/17 from   For Typeform's full privacy conditions, You are advised to look their privacy policy (found here), their terms and conditions(found here), and how they store your data on behalf of Chatter Chamber (found here).



How exactly is my questionnaire information processed?


Chatter Chamber uses a questionnaire platform, provided and hosted by, to collect personal information (including opinions and facts) specific to you in order to consider your potential participation of an event specified in the questionnaire concerned.  To process this data, Chatter Chamber measures and compares your answers (using automated means) against other entrants (people who have also completed and thus applied to the event) and selects (out of all entrants submitted) a selection of people who have the most statistical difference between them. Difference is calculated by giving each answer a score that contributes to a representative dimension (i.e. political, social, circumstantial).  Each entrant, therefore, has a total score for all dimensions concerned where these total scores act as coordinates that are then plotted in Euclidian space (i.e. an X Y graph).  The distance between each entrant’s coordinate is measured, and significantly, this measurement represents the amount of difference between them.  The combination, of coordinates (entrants), which have the most (minimal) difference between them, compared to any other possible combination, is selected.


By selecting a group of people, based on the most culminate difference possible, means that everyone wishing to attend Chatter Chamber is processed fairly.  The reason this process if fair is because prior to submissions, no set answers are more favoured than any other. How likely you are selected simply depends on how other people who have applied fill in the questionnaire , and vice versa.  This way, everyone is treated equally.


How is my data stored and protected?



Upon completion of a survey, your data will be first stored by Typeform.  They state that:



  • All data is hosted on Amazon’s AWS service. Our main servers are located in Virginia, USA and backup servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. You can read more about AWS here.
  • All Typeform employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.
  • TLS is used to secure all data in transit. Find out more about TLS here.


(Retrieved on 8/8/17, from:


Chatter Chamber will later, additionally store this data in the UK.


Chatter Chamber will use suitable encryption and file security practices, as suggested by the ICO’s “A Practical Guide to IT Security, Ideal for the small business”.


Where possible, we adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information, i.e. your answers and contact information.


Unfortunately, no one is ever a 100% safe from hackers.  Although we do our best to protect your data, Chatter Chamber is unable to guarantee complete safety of your data and will notify you as soon as possible if a security breach causes an unauthorized intrusion into our system that materially affects you.



Retention of Data Stored


Your information will be stored for a time period required to organise the event concerned.  After which, your information will be aggregated and or anonymized in a format where neither you, or any other individual, can identified or linked to any part of the information.  This anonymized information will be kept for future research, analytic, and artistic purposes.


What rights do I have?


Any entrant who submits information in the questionnaire have the right to ask for their personal information to be removed from storage/processing/digital locations, to which Chatter Chamber, where possible, will comply - keeping only the contact information of the entrant for a record of this removal request.  If your information has been aggregated and or anonymized in a format where neither you, or any other individual, can be identified or linked to any part of the information, it will be impossible to remove your “contribution” (i.e. statistical facts) to this anonymous information - as it will have no provable link to you.


At any time, individuals have the right to withdraw consent to having their information processed, and will need to contact Chatter Chamber if they wish to withdraw this consent.  To make contact, you can email


If you are selected for an event, you have the right to decline attendance.  If you do not respond to your “invite” (an invitation sent following selection to an event) within five days, it will be understood you do not wish to attend the concerned event and Chatter Chamber will not be obliged to further organise your attendance.


You have the right not to provide information to Chatter Chamber, however failure to complete the questionnaire will not guarantee your inclusion in the selection process for an event.


If Chatter Chamber needs to cancel an event, for any reason, it is permitted to do so and will not be held liable in any sense.  Chatter Chamber will always aim to inform individuals of any cancellation as soon as possible.


Chatter is not obligated to process your data, and can, for any reason, decline to process your information.  Circumstances that might cover such cancellation could include, force majeure, security concerns, expiration of an event or financial reasons.


Chatter Chamber will never exclude someone from being processed on discriminatory grounds.


Any complaints or queries can be made to a supervisory authority at Chatter Chamber.





Access to the Service may imply the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information stored in the browser of each user for the server to remember certain information that may subsequently be used in order to enhance the user’s browsing experience.


This information allows you to be identified as a specific user and allows you to save your personal preferences, as well as technical information such as visits or specic pages that you visit, including:


  • Date and time of a user’s last visit to the Website;
  • Design of the contents that the user chose in the visit to our Website;
  • Security elements involved in the control of access to restricted areas


The user has the option to disable cookies by selecting the appropriate option in his or her browser. However, deactivating them may hinder the correct operation of the Service.


Alternatively, the user can adjust the browser settings to receive a notification every time a new cookie is received.



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