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Whether you complete a survey, attend a meal, or help pioneer our new social media tool, you can help shape the movement.

Develop with us


Become a part of Chatter Chamber and tell us what you can bring to the  movement and or how you can support our growing areas of expansion. Get involved or send us an email.


Social Strategy


We want to hear from people interested in developing our social strategy, particularly for our Chatter Chamber events.  We are working with different private organisations and charities in the community to ensure we include the widest range of people. We would be interested to hear how you might expand this approach!


Data Engineering and Science


We are embarking on an ambitious mission to change the way social media is used and controlled by users and platforms. We are creating a new component that will disrupt and change the way social media networks evolve and operate.  With big ideas come big challenges, mathematically and technically.  If you have skills, experience or ambition to pioneer new data methods in social media, particularly from a data integration and statistical perspective, we'd love to hear from you.


Front End Web Developer


As part of our an ambitious mission to change the way social media is used and controlled by users and platforms, we want to create and show how the possibility for social media interfaces are limitless.  If you are interested in designing new interactive elements for social spaces, informed by ideas in psychology and neuroscience, get in touch.



Data Policy Research


Things are moving fast in data law and policy, and we want to help direct and inspire the conversation.  If you have interests, ideas or questions on how data policy can, could and should develop, get in touch..

Create your own role


Everyone is different.  Therefore, every role we play will be different.  Create your own role at Chatter Chamber and tell us what unique contribution you could make.