Chatter Chamber creates new modes of interaction to give people the chance to come together in more  considered and meaningful ways on and offline.

In effect, we want to create different 'Chatter Chamber' manifestations. That is, online and offline situations that don't inherently limit our views and polarise us as a society.


We want to create situations on and offline that facilitate growth, understanding, and social development.


Currently we are developing two types of Chatter Chamber engagements:


  1. Monthly meal events that bring people with different ideas and circumstances together for a shared meal.
  2.  An online engagement tool that will allow you to choose who handles your data and how your social media is presented. You won’t have to be limited to one platform in order to connect to online social networks.


We work with psychologists, philosophers, artists, teachers, and welcome anyone who has something to contribute, regardless of credentials. We want to keep expanding new methods and practices to enhance all of our lives.


Chatter Chamber is based in London and is always looking for new people to join the movement.  Get in touch!




Check out our definition of a 'Chatter Chamber' here!